Beer Bike Hellas offers you the chance to join its rapidly grown Franchising network. By joining this network you undertake a low risk but high return investment keeping simultaneously the legal and administrative independence of your business.

The Franchise package (package deal) consists of:

  • The concession of rights related to industrial and intellectual property (commercial sign, brand name, know-how, web page usage etc.)
  • Support and attendance in the acquisition of material and technical infrastructure
  • The intervention in contracting favourable agreements with the suppliers
  • The provision of continuous commercial and technical support during the term of the franchising contract
  • Personnel training and development
  • Due diligence of establishing and licensing your business

If you keep pace with the values and vision of Beer Bike Hellas feel free to contact us for further information.

Beer Bike Hellas undertakes the promotion and advertisement of your products/services by:

  • Advertising plates/signs placed on the bike
  • The company’s web site
  • The presence of our company in social networks
  • The presence of our company in cultural events
  • The participation in video clips and advertising spots

If you want to advertise your business through Beer Bike Hellas contact us for further information.