1. Conditions of the Tour
  2. Starting the tour/ride each customer or group of customers must have made a reservation for a specific time, day and number of customers. The reservation can be made via e-mail, phone or face-to-face. Each customer or group of customers rides the bicycle having in the possession a legal receipt for the provision of services that constitutes a legal probative element that its holder has paid the total price for the provided services. The price should be paid by the customer in cash before he rides the bicycle or be prepaid in whole or in part while making the reservation. A prepay is usually required in cases where the value of reservation exceeds 50 Euros.

    Customers that have paid the price in whole or in part but they don’t arrive at the start of the tour in time are not eligible for return of their money. However, the company is able to undertake to transfer the lost tour in different time and/or day, given that it is feasible and that the daily tour program is not disturbed considerably.

    In case the tour is cancelled due to force majeure (bad weather, vehicle breakdown etc.) the customer is able to choose whether the reservation is transferred in another time and/or day or he gets his money returned (total price or prepay).

    Prepays are acceptable only via deposit in a corporate bank account, the elements of which are given after conducting the company (use the reservations way of conduct).

  3. Refusal - Interruption of the Tour
  4. Each customer has to comply strictly with the safety rules and the proper behavior that the company has set and that have been disclosed to him/her before starting the tour. These rules are described below:

    1. Only adults are allowed to consume alcohol drinks while riding the bicycle (over 18 years old).
    2. Non-adults can consume non-alcoholic drinks, water or refreshments that they have purchased from other companies.
    3. Adults can consume alcohol drinks that they have purchased from other companies, excluding beer and drinks of over 25% vol. alcohol content.
    4. Adult customers that are drunk before the tour starts and/or on influence of banned by the Greek law drugs are disqualified from the tour.
    5. The customers/riders have to be seating on their seats all tour long and their posture to be that of a “biker”. Thus, it is forbidden to get up their seats, to jump down the bicycle while on move, to extend parts of their bodies and generally to make movements that put at risk their physical integrity as well as the physical integrity of bystanders bikers or pedestrians.
    6. Disembarking is only allowed when the bicycle is not on move and when the driver of the bicycle permits that.
    7. Defecating is allowed exclusively in places that are indicated by the driver of the bicycle (toilets). There are programmed stops at them.
    8. Obscene gestures and swearing against the other customers/bikers, pedestrians and drivers going through are forbidden.
    9. Dropping objects and rubbish (cigarettes, plastic glasses, leftovers, food packages etc.) down the bicycle on the street and/or the sea is forbidden.

    In case of non-compliance with the rules above, the company representative can prohibit the customers’ boarding on the bike or interrupt his tour before it expires. In both cases the customer is not eligible for return of his/her money.

  5. Responsibilities during the tour - Lack of Responsibilities
  6. The company provides the customers/bikers with insurance coverage in case of accident in which the company or a third party is at fault. However, if any accident and injury occurs due to customer’s non-compliance with the safety rules described above, the client not only losses the insurance coverage but also is not able to ask the company for any form of reimbursement.

    Applicable law is only the Greek law and nothing else.

    Considering your safety and providing services of high quality,